Friday, April 17, 2009


Mobilink is the 3rd cellular service provider in Pakistan. It is the subsidiary of ORASCOM telecom. It was established in 1994 and started its operation in early 1994 from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, with its head office in Islamabad. It gradually extended its operations in different cities of Pakistan. Currently Mobilink is providing its services in almost 5000 cities, towns and villages of Pakistan and has aim to extend its network coverage in other cities, towns, highways and villages of Pakistan as well.
Mobilink is the 1st GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) cellular based network of Pakistan. Prior to this, other companies namely InstaPhone and Paktel were using AMPS technology for mobile communication. GSM technology provides higher capacity for data transfer for the services than AMPS technology, and is based on SIM technology. Mobilink, when came into the market, became very popular among the nation because it was the first SIM based GSM network providing the customers with ever best quality services. Later Mobilink kept on introducing several schemes for its subscribers and to attract new customers with affordable prices and still it is introducing with attractive services in very reasonable prices and now has become the market leader in Pakistan and hence Mobilink is the 1st largest company in Pakistan.
Mobilink started its operations in Quetta in September 2001. According to Mobilink local management in Quetta district, its overall subscribers in all over the Pakistan has exceeded more than 17 million and in Quetta its number of users are approximately 455,000, so the Mobilink has become the largest cellular service provider in Pakistan.
Mobilink is providing its customers with high quality services including voice quality, SMS, MMS, Value Added Services including calls divert, call waiting etc…, and attractive packages with affordable rates that caused customers’ attraction and to retain with the same network. Mobilink network also supports WAP and internet services and has started it in a few citifies of Pakistan. Mobilink has aim to gradually increase WAP and internet services in numerous cities of Pakistan. Mobilink is providing roaming services at national and international level but not receiving roaming charges at national level. When Mobilink came into the market, it had two competitors. Mobilink from the inception has kept very reasonable and affordable rates in the market with respect to its competitors. But as the time is being spent; the number of competitors of Mobilink are being increased. Now there are 5 competitors surviving in the market. Keeping in view the competitors, Mobilink has always been trying to set up unbeatable rates with quality services for its customers under different packages but despite these, it has been noted that many users left Mobilink services for others.

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